A Quick Boost to
Spark Your Power.

Talk to one of our Evók Coaches in your Laser Power Session and get the clarity you need to spark your Power Paradigm™.



The answer is YES...if being driven by someone else’s schedule and demands for your livelihood, happiness, and success no longer fits your definition of “living your best life”. 

Use the system hundreds of people have used to define their success, unlock their power, and break their constraints to live freely and fully each and every day!

Are You Ready for a 

New Paradigm?

Your Clarity Call for
Clear, Calm, and Confident Success.



The Power Boost Is For Your If:

with limited time to invest in a solution, and you know a quick conversation and an effective tool and just enough support to reset, get clear, focused, and back on track to achieve your big goals. 

and you’re struggling to sort them out and bring them all together. You’re ready to put in the work and you just need a clear plan and a little support to commit and go all in.

You’re already successful and could use a simple process to help you dig a little deeper and find a more fulfilling and meaningful set of goals and definition of success.



You Have Ideas and Dreams 

You're Looking for More

You’re a “Do-er” 

Sidra Hankins

The Power Paradigm™ is not like anything I have ever experienced. It builds you up to shift on your own, remain focused and fueled. Their guidance has become an extension of me, like fairy God Mothers whispering in my ear...Tell your truth! What's your intention level? What game are you playing? Get behind me default!!! I would recommend them to any woman, or man, who is ready to see a tangible change in their life.


We Plan Different.

We want you to have a plan that breathes success and lives beyond your mind or the paper you write it on. 

Order your Power Boost and get the Being Is the New Doing book, the evókINTENTION planner, planner tutorial, and a private Laser Power Session with a certified Evók Coach to shift your Power Paradigm™.

The Evók Power Boost is more than a conversation. Real talk. Our Power Boost is specifically designed to introduce you to a whole new way of seeing and living your life. 

The Evók Power Paradigm™ materials along with access to your planner tutorial to get ready for your private 1:1 Laser Power Session with a Certified Evók Coach.

($985 VALUE)


Laser Power Session with Evók Coach

Being is the New Doing Book

evókINTENTION Day Planner

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The Power Boost is a clarity conversation with an expert certified Evók Coach designed to introduce you to a new paradigm for power that's authentic, aligned, and taps into your true authority over your life.  

You'll clarify, envision, design, and map out your daily plan to meaningful goals that change your life. 

Think of it as the blueprint and success roadmap to help you get clear, moving, and living successfully on your own terms. We’ll send you the complete Power Paradigm™ capsule and connect with you to clear what's blocking your greatest success!


Fortune 100 certified executive coaches…check, global human resource expertise…check, corporate playbook strategists, peak performance gurus, and energy master practitioners…check, check, and check.

We’re designed to give you exactly what you need to level up and Lead or Leave within the next 60-Days…or less.

And this is not just about your work life...

After 20 years of corporate and academic experience each, we have the well-earned professional badges of success, and the personal badges too...the commitment to well-being, impact and purpose, and strong family, friends, and community relationships.

We've paid a price for our success and now we're paying it forward and paving a path for you to have success without all of the struggle and sacrifice.

A powerful trifecta of certified executive coaches, energy practitioners, engineers, and real women bringing you a holistic solution to achieve meaningful success.



We got you!

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